Suitable awards how much compensation will I get

When deciding how much compensation you should be awarded for your injury, the courts will look at a publication called the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines as a starting point. These guidelines are updated every couple of years and indicate the appropriate awards of compensation that the courts should make. A court will look at the guidelines, look at the facts of your own case, and then perhaps look at other cases involving injuries similar to yours to see what awards were made in those cases. Here is what you may get:

Quadriplegia: up to £235,000. The precise amount you get will depend on a number of factors, including the effect your injuries have on your senses and life expectancy. If you are brain damaged, you will recover more. Any award will also be affected by how much movement you have left, the extent of any residual pain, and the presence or absence of depression.

Paraplegia: up to £165,500.

Very severe brain damage: up to £235,000. The exact award will be affected by the degree of insight, life expectancy, and the extent of physical limitations.

Moderately severe brain damage: up to £165,500.

Moderate brain damage: up to £127,250. The degree of dependence will be lower in these cases.

Minor brain damage: up to £25,000. These cases are where a good recovery has been made and the injured individual is able to work.

Minor head injury: between £1,300 and £7,425. Brain damage will be minimal or non-existent. An award at the lowest end will be made if there is a full recovery within a few weeks.

Epilepsy: up to £87,500.

Severe psychiatric damage: up to £67,200

Moderately severe psychiatric damage: up to £32,000

Moderate psychiatric damage: up to £11,200

Minor psychiatric damage: between £840 and £3,450. The extent of interference with daily activities and sleep will be a factor.

Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: up to £58,500

Moderately severe PTSD: up to £13,500

Minor PTSD: between £2,300 and £4,825. These are cases where there has been a virtually full recovery within a couple of years.

Severe chronic pain syndrome: up to £37,150

Moderate chronic pain syndrome: up to £19,100

Total blindness and deafness: £235,000

Total blindness: £155,250

Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the other: up to £104,500

Total loss of one eye: up to £38,175

Complete loss of sight in one eye: up to £32,000

Serious loss of vision in one eye: up to £22,650

Minor but permanent impairment of vision in one eye: up to £12,200

Minor eye injuries: £2,300 to £5,100

Transient eye injuries: £1,300 to £2,300

Total deafness and loss of speech: up to £81,500

Total deafness: up to £63,625

Total loss of hearing in one ear: up to £26,500

Partial hearing loss/ tinnitus: between £4,300 and £26,500, depending on severity

Total loss of taste and smell: £22,650

Total loss of smell and significant loss of taste: £19,100 to £22,650

Loss of smell: £14,500 to £19,100

Loss of taste: £11,200 to 14,500

Lung disease: up to £79,000

Mesothelioma: up to £74,300

Lung cancer: up to £58,500

Asthma: up to £38,175

Impotence: up to £86,500

Infertility: up to £98,500

Severe neck injury: £86,500

Moderate neck injury: £4,575 to £14,500, e.g. whiplash, depending on severity of symptoms and presence or absence of permanent symptoms

Minor neck injury: £750 to £4,575, e.g. minor soft tissue and whiplash injuries with a full recovery between a few weeks and a couple of years

Severe back injury: up to £98,500

Moderate back injury: up to £22,650

Minor back injury: up to £7,125

Frozen shoulder: £4,575 to £7,375

Fracture of clavicle: £3,000 to £7,125

Loss of both arms: up to £174,500

Loss of one arm: up to £79,000

Broken arm: £3,800 to £11,200, depending on recovery time and degree of disability

Broken elbow: up to £7,375

Broken wrist: up to £5,850

Loss of both hands: up to £117,000

Amputation of index and middle and/or ring fingers: up to £52,950

Serious hand injury: up to £36,125

Less serious hand injury: up to £16,800

Moderate hand injury: up to £7,625

Minor hand injury: up to £2,550

Severe fractures to fingers: up to £21,350

Total loss of index finger: £10,700

Partial loss of index finger: up to £10,700

Fracture of index finger: up to £7,125

Total loss of middle finger: £8,900

Amputation of the little finger: up to £7,125

Loss of part of the little finger: up to £3,450

Fracture of one finger: £1,775 to £2,800

Loss of thumb: up to £32,000

Trivial thumb injuries: £1,250

Vibration white finger: up to £22,400

Serious broken leg: up to £22,650

Fracture of leg where incomplete recovery: up to £16,300

Simple fracture of femur: £5,350 to £8,150

Moderate knee injuries: up to £8,150

Broken ankle: up to £8,150

Minor Achilles tendon injury: up to £5,850

Simple fractures to feet: up to £8,150

Moderate toe injuries: up to £5,600

Broken nose: up to £13,500 but starting at £1,000

Fractured cheekbone: £1400 to £9,150

Broken jaw: up to £26,500 but starting at £3,800

Damage or loss of teeth: between £630 and £6,600

Severe facial scarring: up to £56,500

Trivial facial scarring: up to £2,000

Bodily scarring: anything from £1,300 to £8,200

Damage to hair: from £2,300 for fairly serious cases up to around £6,350

The above figures are guidelines only and the amount of compensation you will get will all depend on the precise circumstances of your case, such as the severity of your injury and the nature of any ongoing symptoms. A solicitor will be able to advise you on what you are likely to recover, so please contact one in our directory.